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Come with me and join my senior family of friends and caregivers around the world
for an "Old-Fashioned Whistle Stop of Encouragement!"
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"Jenny Still Had A Part To Play"
"Stories Of The Impossible"
"A Fortune Was Uncovered"
"The Orphanage Is Closed"
"To Know His Greatness"
"Was It Worth The Fight?"
"He Took Me To Long John Silvers"
"Have You Been Offended?"
"'Aloneness' Was Never in His Plan"
"'Mystery Solved"
"'It's Top Secret!"
"'Building A Foundation Of Encouragement"
"'I'm Not 'No Good'!"
"'Behold His Magnificence"
"'A Key To Fulfilling Your Destiny"
"'Can You Tell Me A Story?"
"'Who Am I Anyway?"